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Web Development Quiz
Written as a tool to constantly test my knowledge in various aspects of Web Development. As i learn new things I add more questions to various topics using a little question generator. This was my first project that required the application of the ES6 promises feature.
Skills Used:
HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, ES6
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Phonelist WebApp for RSG

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No Front without Back

So after a bit of procrastinating, I finally dived into cookies, local storage and JSON. I thought I was onto a winner when I was able to stringify arrays and pass them into local storage, then retrieve them again to create some sort of primitive save and load function for my Contact Book project. Surely a short step away from passing things to and from the server no? No! Upon diving into AJAX I quickly realised that retrieving some simple JSON stringified data isn't too difficult, although I learnt the hard way that information needs to be on the same domain as your site. When it comes to actually writing data to the server, well that's where JavaScript hits a brick wall. From countless hours of research, it's just not possible to write to server files using solely JavaScript. This is where a backend language is needed and despite wanting to learn Ruby or Python one day, there were only 2 choices; PHP or node.js. PHP attracts me because it's used almost everywhere and also because it is heavily used with wordpress, which is having a good attempt at taking over the web. Node.js attracts me because it's javascript, it's new and could be a very useful skill in the changing world of programming. I'm leaning towards PHP for simplicity, and i'm not going to try and dive in too deep just yet, just learn some fundamentals to make some simple server side applications. But not yet! I need to finish my JavaScript course and then I want to go back over some of the things I'm weak on and build a few more things. Speaking of... I made a little program which is actually being used at my place of work! See Email Extractor under projects! Hopefully, I can find a way to store data saved for the contact book other than local storage, in which case I will have a work use for this project as well!
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